Frankincense & Myrrh

by Detroit CYDI

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We don't know what Frankincense & Myrrh look like or are, really but, we decided to rap about them anyway. Happy Holidays and ENJOY.

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released December 21, 2018

Vocals by Rufio Jones and Sean Uppercut. Production by Illingsworth.


all rights reserved



Illingsworth Detroit


stuff i make = music with @rufiojones @seanuppercut and @stryfeD, beats, raps, videos.
born & bred resident of Detroit.
smooth due to alopecia.

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Track Name: Frankincense & Myrrh
Rufio Jones:
It’s Christmas in Detroit
Here’s another Christmas joint
It’s the reason for the season
Hope your gifts don’t disappoint
What’s the temperature outside
What kind of coat should I put on
I need a snowtification
That’s a new term I have coined
It’s Christmas in Detroit
And there’s snow all on my Ford
But the trunk is filled with presents
That took all year to afford
I got all the coolest toys
Fun for all the girls and boys
If these children do not like them
They get tossed in a fjord
It’s Christmas in Detroit
I was at the mall all day
Had to fight a couple flippers
Tryina sell stuff on eBay
Tried to get a Yankee Candle
For this gal I wanna court
But the only ones they had left
Go inside of a menorah
It’s Christmas in Detroit
My ugly sweater looking dope
It’s the Detroit Lions logo
Underneath it just says ‘Nope.’
Now make sure to give a candy cane
To folks you like the most
If you got just what you wanted
Tell the internet and gloat

Sean Uppercut:

went christmas shoppin hit many stores
bought gifts to give, and got plenty more
fell asleep the night of the 24th
wanted a little nap, but slept 24.
woke up to the mass texts and the missed calls
looked at the time, bout 11:59
i done messed around and missed christmas yall
(ay) missed all the gifts and the wrappings / missed all my friend and my family
missed ice skatin at the rink in the martius campus / missed all the fun and the laughter
missed all the reindeer games
had a flight and i missed my plane, thinking that i missed my brain
mistletoe fall from the wall in the hall so i'll never getta kiss again
(ay) on toppa all that
(ay) no food left dawg
(ay) yall ate all the honey baked
(ay) drank up all the egg nog
(ay) no rum or coquito,
ate all the mac and the cheese yo
yall even ate the fruitcake out the fridge an the freezer
all i got is left is this breakfast burrito
now im sitting on a tricycle, eatin onna can of lima beans
but santa left one thing, take a look in the box, its a time machine
oh me oh my, whatta perfect gift this year
run it back one day, just in time for this christmas cheer

Rufio Jones:

Can you smell that
Can you tell that
The cookies that we’re baking for Santa
Are gingerbread snaps
If you go look at the radar right now
It’ll say the Big Red Man’s flying over Belfast
So he’s not far away
Better get your teeth brushed
Put your PJs on
And get to bed fast
Before you know it
All the presents have been opened
Christmas in Detroit is over
Like a Thanos snap

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