Better Than Nat King Cole

by Detroit CYDI & Stryfe

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watch Rufio Jones explain the title of this project:

more xmas music


released December 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Illingsworth Detroit


stuff i make = music with @rufiojones @seanuppercut and @stryfeD, beats, raps, videos.
born & bred resident of Detroit.
smooth due to alopecia.

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Track Name: Punch 'N' Pie
Sean Uppercut
Cold snow
Hot chocolate
on my nose
Jack Frost nip

all frosted
best gloves
I lost them

Then found them
Wrapped up
Ice skating

Don't got a sled
I'll make one
Just grab me
A lunch tray then

See the people
All cheery
We do this
Once yearly

Got family
Uh hold dearly
All intogether
They near me

On the table
we got cookies
Did I mention
We got cookies

We got cookies and punch and pie
We got cookies and punch and pie

Punch and pie punch and pie
We got cookies and punch and pie
Punch and pie and punch and pie
We got cookies and punch and pie

Fighting 3 point one four
We made it to the end
Of the year. Once. More.

Turkey dinner
With the fancy silverware
Granny cooked for hours
Get the biggest share

Grand dad got the food
And gets the comfy chair
Rest of us just
Tried to stay up out they hair

Eat a bunch of sweets
Just like we at a fair
Open presents early
No boy don't you dare

Then all of us amped up
To play Secret Santa
I don't know who I'll get
Nor what I should ask for

But I'm with the family
Just that makes me happy

Cause this year was cautious
Avoided the naught list
Track Name: SANTA (Stuff Almost Never Transpires Accordingly)

What did you get for Christmas?
Did you get everything on your wishlist? x 2


I can hear Santa's sleigh
he filled up the toy bag yesterday

my stocking was hung on the chimney with care
hoping I was good enough to not get coal in there

other kids told me that he wasn't real
but every year I get a present by the tree with a tag that says
he put it under there

who else? nobody in my house finna eat no cookies and milk

they tell me they ain't gotta fireplace, ask, "how he getting in homes?"
how else, dummy? he climbed in through the windows

who you think buiding the xboxes and nintendos?
he only trying to give back the christmas that the Grinch stole

anyway, I got physical proof
it was footprints on the roof when we went to take them lights down

who else would stay at the north pole and freeze to give kids who don't even
believe some toys so they'll pipe down?

Doc ILLingsworth:

Awakening from a christmas eve nap
I hear glass shattering, and so I re-act
reach back for the g-at

while running to the stairs, vision impaired
a little dizzy, tripping over jimmies, the sticky icky scent in the air

unfamiliar, saw a shadowy figure, ripping the paper
off the gifts I had labored to make presentable

to give em to some kids who had little to make their holiday
memorable, I pointed the barrel, a shot whistled through

the visage who, must've been invincible
because he didn't notice it, in one motion he hoisted all the boxes

into the chimney, and rocketed out of it, I've had an encounter with
Santa's maniacal counterfeit counterpart

bound to start a fuss if I call the precinct talking wild,
I mean what would we think?
if some clown popped up

sayin' that Santa robbed him for all of the stocking stuffs
man, we'd prolly wanna have him locked up


Rufio Jones:

December 24, I can't take it anymore
Tree got the presents glowing, and man not knowing

Is killin me, maybe if I take a little peak
I won't be so antsy, and be able to sleep

But I've been waitin like 3 hundred and 58 days
Chompin at the bit, even feelin kinda crazy

What will I get, Guess I gotta have faith
That it's good, cause if it ain't I'm punchin Santa in the face

Hey I've been nice this year but what difference would it make
If all that's in my stocking is an Omaha Steak

But I'll wait a couple hours. if tomorrow ain't great
I got a hit out on Saint Nicholas Cause I am on the take

Sean Uppercut:

Oh me, oh my, Oh my Oh me!
Wipe the crust out my eyes and Dash to the tree

What could it be? this present looks important
Unwrap the box ITS A PAIR OF AIR----- GORDANS?

Gordans? I wanted jordans,
okay, I'll see what else santa claus got in store then

Yes, this Present must be better than before

One. Nintendo sixty one. How can I have fun with a
Nintendo sixty one.

Yo, santa, What's up with these knockoff gifts
My grades is straight A's and I've been a good kid

Peeked in the kitchen, I knew instantly
Why he had to give these off-brand generic gifts to me

Get Santa some real cookies, how the story goes
Cause my parents left him Hydrox instead of Oreos


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