Coffee King

by Illingsworth

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the majority of this project was born out of a young man's ill-advised choice to drink very black coffee very late at night. hopefully you allow this to be a soundtrack for your insomnia. actually, i hope you don't have insomnia.



released October 17, 2013

beats and raps by ILLingsworth
he made this goofy cover art too


all rights reserved



Illingsworth Detroit


stuff i make = music with @rufiojones @seanuppercut and @stryfeD, beats, raps, videos.
born & bred resident of Detroit.
smooth due to alopecia.

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Track Name: gas trackers (semi-vocal version)
i'm not the people's champ
or an evil chump
i'm a single lump of coal
under heat releasing energy
and pieces of my soul

with barely a belief within the things that we've been told
even so i reach the goals

so if sleep becomes an option you can keep it
'cause the sweetest victory is when the bleakest days are recent

and the regalement's bestowed
at a moment's spur
owning the season opener
cronies concur
i'm a smoking blur

your hoe in a stolen fur
we know you'rebroke and perturbed
do a better job
at hiding the jealous snob
lying on your reference jobs

cleanliness next god
friendliness next to odd
when enemies test the quad
you chilling's the best response
Track Name: nutraloaf raps (watch the video FIRST)
watch the video:

...never gotta piece of fan art
white people be safe against cancer and tan smart

i'm here to help unlike ya predecessors did us darkies
it's cool, just a splash of crimson on a bigger art piece

a little scarlet courtesy of the patriarchy
they brainwashing the kids don't let em play with barbies

mannn when they start sellin' parfait at arby's?
i bet it's made from the barf from eating them burgers

i broke the rhyme scheme to talk about disgusting food
been double-crossed too much to truly be a trusting dude

mostly i miss out on the topics of them hot discussions
i'm not the best at following pizza-box instructions

never owned a car with the trunk in the front
but more than once i did succumb and be drunk

definitely been too encumbered to duck
even the most sluggish of punch but luckily
chumps neva wan romp wit me, whaaaaat

i'm seeing coffee beans in my dreams
caffeinated cartoony things with goofy wings

and bluish strings
i should switch to tea like a
crucified jewish king
oh, tea got caffeine too?

it went to OT but now the score like 3-2
us you
"big ups dude, we all know you rock it well"

i feel like pachabel
working at a taco bell
living off redbull and pasta shells

but you
you're too mean kid, too heavy handed bruh
shouts out to #coownaz, catch you in bevlandia

i got sodas, sobes, calypsos
and shit luck, soon as i get my stroke, my hip goes

ain't gotta crowd like the baauers and the diplos
but i got head in the shower in a pimped pose

used to try to sneak through the dark but when i tip-toed
either the floor would creak or i'd kick some painful shit DOH

then homer simpson whole affair
judge throw the book at me, i throw a chair
like "what the fuck you say, homie, i'm going where?"

another booty ghost, jumpsuits and nutraloaf
yall sucralose, my calls' super close

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