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ceesoundsallday Smooth as Rhymes!!!
Nice production. Favorite track: FIND A WAY.
ruffiankick_ thumbnail
ruffiankick_ literally everything I think about when invited to a party or kickback where there's people I don't know lmao. great tape doc iLL Favorite track: ANXIETY RAP (WHY I DON'T ATTEND PARTIES).
Josh Hey
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Josh Hey probably the most eloquent story about shitting oneself.. Favorite track: AS AN ADULT.
Packard York Haynes
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Packard York Haynes cheat codes inside Favorite track: ANXIETY RAP (WHY I DON'T ATTEND PARTIES).
Skeks thumbnail
Skeks The whole album is real nice, but "Find a Way" haunts me in a very good way. Can't help but keep it on repeat. ..So short, so sweet. Somethin about those rhymes and that chorus just gets me. Much respect.
Adam Santoya
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Adam Santoya The whole project is awesome. Favorite tracks: Andrew Lincoln as Illingsworth, It's a Trap, Swagfest, As an Adult, and Time. Admittedly, I haven't heard much of illingsworth's rhymes, but after listening to this I'll have to go back and check em out. The dude is nice on the beats and raps. Favorite track: SWAGFEST.
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if you like any part of this, please share the part(s) you like. thank you. for awhile, i had accidentally turned off the download option for this album. i remedied that but i know there were def some folks that wanted to support monetarily and couldn't lol. my bad.

these are weird songs that no one asked for. people forget i rap and sometimes i do to. this is a step towards changing that. i wrote all of the raps that i recite and i made these beats. everyone else who raps on this project wrote their own raps. we're racist against ghosts = we don't use ghostwriters but we probably wouldn't mind being paid to BE ghostwriters lol.

having a passion for creating is something i didn't ask for. sometimes it feels like a curse. i didn't ask for the life-hurdles. you didn't ask for raps.

go listen to some of my older raps:


released April 29, 2016

i wrote all of the raps that i recite and i made these beats. everyone else who raps on this project wrote their own raps.

brandi took a picture of me on a car. then, way later, i asked her to make it look like a crude drawing. she did it in like 2 minutes because she knows that i'm a simple man. i love her.

big up to my fam n friends. big up to everybody who told me i should rap more. big up to brandi, khary, krys, saron, jon, jeff, bryan, brendan, jarred, mike, dave, charles, al, hughie, troy, mal, jeff milo, and anybody else that may have encouraged me. thanks.


all rights reserved



Illingsworth Detroit


stuff i make = music with @rufiojones @seanuppercut and @stryfeD, beats, raps, videos.
born & bred resident of Detroit.
smooth due to alopecia.

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Andrew Lincoln freestyled this joint, straight up.
Track Name: IT'S A TRAP
verse 1
i'm being extra persuasive to get the extra plays
pouring charm on you until you're forced to check the resume

if you think Suge Knight's having a bad string of luck
talk to his jealous lesser known cousin, Pepper Day

my bad, i could've did that a better way
talk to his jealous lesser known cousin, Pepper Squire

this winter i skipped the oil change for better tires
it backfired, the car that is

when there's more ice than viable road, it isn't hard to skid
my home's experienced a shortage of jars with lids

so now we drink out em
silverware segregated like blacks from drink fountains

i used to call my dirty pile of clothes "stink mountain"
but then i couldn't hide it
it became an elephant in the room in that

i shaped into the form of a pachyderm
my tactics are taciturn
usually why i'd much rather pass a turn

the rap game's a very fun way for cash to burn
an investment with bad return

do a lotta traveling, playing wit lots of bands and
shaking a lot of hands so it has it's germs

getting booked for small shows that i haven't confirmed
an understatement to say my dad is concerned
but still it seems i haven't learned

verse 2

sim simma
who got the keys to the inter-dimensional transceiver?

why i got future tech that still needs keys?
you can find us in the cloud where they don't print CDs
no i'm not downloading those mp3s

my time costs more now
had enough of bubbling right behind yall's foreground

besides, yall bored now
it's clearest in the end result
it's time for the guard change

mix a ton heart, smarts, and equal parts dart flame
i don't have a chart aim
but the weight of being slept on's been giving me sharp pains

so the let the alarm rang
take a rag and please clean up your discharge stains

i'm sitting in large planes
economy seat
next to the window
i'm passin on the savings to my kinfolk

they blasting on asses of famous bimbos
it's fine,
i'm farming my passions to make my gift grow
lines of zany info
Track Name: FIND A WAY
i wanna live in a beached boat
and have a daily morning meal of
reaped oats, goat, and wheat toast

having shallow conversations with deep folks
we yearn relationship, but still struggle to be close

all of my victories please note
as well as the failures
hell if tell ya
the elephant genitalia

swings close
protecting my inner thoughts
projecting my inner hawk
if it ain't about money then we ain't finna talk

that's a rare boast born from the confident times
only feeling opposite when opulent topics arise

see the kid dresses bummy, it's not a disguise
feeling broken like when composite objects collide

sweep the pieces up, pick up a couple pizzas and feast
them cracks and creases don't weaken us
it keeps us tough

i'd share it all but get mad when you don't leave me much
i love you more when you don't speak as much

and i'm trying to find my way
and i'm trying to make my path
without losing my life to a wack play
or ever having to face my past
but, that ain't how it go


shout out to the hapless bums
moonlighting as sacks of scum
hiding behind hollow badges and spastic guns

i gotta very limited amount of dap for some
wouldn't mind seeing whoever's left zapped and stung

but if YOU in control of how the facts get spun
victim gotta prove worth, you'll never get asked for none

the power structure is deeply entrenched
the grid is weaved with contempt and sick beliefs sicker people invent

that's why i feel like a macbook with dual boot
'cause fool's shoot, disregarding the rules is fool proof

when the winning team is convinced that they're clean
and struggle against the force to be removed like a pulled tooth

one way of operations for yall,
those diametrically opposed to my pulse and motivations to ball

words ringing with truth but i don't wait for the call
i sense the disconnect awaits in us all
Track Name: SWAGFEST
follow me to the gates of hell or to plates of kale
if i'm rarely on time it might mean i'm too late to fail

entering mystic zones glimpses in the crystal shown
narcissistic clones too busy to grow artistic bones

my alter ego, is the supreme leader of a race of tall bird people
i'm called Nerd Eagle

my bullshit detector has a high tech
filtration system
weeds out the haters and believers in creationism

most of yall are ex skaters with a cocaine addiction
snort lines long as the mason dixon is your daily mission

you hate to hear it, the tensions thicker than maple syrup
if it ain't a paid appearance then i ain't appearing

your favorite labels had a bidding war
once they saw me break a billion boards
and the blade of the Spirit Sword

maybe that's the pacifist in me and though i hate fights
i should probably join a group of overzealous space knights

'cause really i just wanna take ship rides and ride on some ziplines
and die in the rip tides

i don't even wanna brag yet
i don't even wanna talk sad yet
i just wanna relax rest and get some teabags wet
and snag the top sash at the swag fest

what's the balance between a gentle rise
and neighborhoods being gentrified?

like you living in the same spot all your life
a store opens next door
and you cain't afford the shit inside

paycheck probably a different size
there's no inflation adjustment, i see the raping of budgets
greatly intensified

and now your rent is high
local demographic shifted now you fit a description meant to be vilified

and if you live in places yet to be penetrated
they getting innovative
genocide's been incentivized

things allowed in the H20
lower you base I Q
and they don't care if your kids survive

maybe we'll be able to police the politicians and see their negligent decisions result in being penalized

but i gotta better chance jumping through the television into a film
now i'm the captain of the Enterprise

Snyder gotta drink lead the rest of his years just to make it a 8th even
or claim he's civilized

now i'm muthafuckin sad now
somebody done tipped over the cash cow
feeling like i'm eating out the trash now
that's just McDonald's, Ronald laughing in the background
Track Name: MAGIC DECK ft. Para-Dox Da Wordsmith
doc verse

pick a card from the magic deck
whatever your hand touches
demands punches

I land helicopters on sands
and plan summits
command for the pounds n the grams
advance sums
I expand
you spam rubbish

that's a neat way to diss a dude
each day is an interlude
keep playing me minuscule

I'll send six Super Sentai bots
to botch your hentai plots
nothing not squashed within 5 blocks

hop in the starship
auto-piloted pirated softwares
you climbed in the crosshairs
prior to pushing buttons I might
whisper a soft prayer

letting my intentions be known
and setting my decisions in stone

metal collisions with bone
your missing father figure
left divisions in homes

resulting in these primitive drones
I gotta dispatch
pass the gazpacho
mashed on the macho
come fast with the cash pronto
send me invite
and show me guest list
too many folk on it that i don't mess with

might see some people that i don't wanna talk to
and I won't hit the party if it's too far to walk to

see i'm really a computer nerd
and i'm using misdirection on present and future birds
you ain't fly and your shit ain't close so your celebration ain't worth
the uber surge

but if i see a name that i know i could hitch a ride
travel situation get immediately simplified

but i'm kinda low on the dough so no chips on the petro
oh, won't you let a villain slide?

see i'm trying to keep the money paypal
hey now
and it look like it was supposed to be a potluck
all they bringin is the reggie and the rotgut
ain't no forks an dno plates
they got pasta, though?

and i hardly know the host
but she's starting to approach for the handshake, hug
and the tiny chat
i brought box wine and snacks for this riot act
she gotta lei, got beads, gotta tiny hat

feelin dumb but i'm stuck in this thang
it ain't fun but it's nothing so strange i couldn't come to
explain that
my presence is the passion of the peer pressure
but i'mma have to grade the function with the sixth letter

but i guess that i'm stuck here now
got blunts, beer, chow
and i don't want none of it

but now i'm eating rigatoni with my hands, in a corner ,
feeling phony kinda lonely and i'm lovin it

'cause i gotta lotta anxiety
i would rather be at home and enjoying my privacy

but as long as nobody is focusing on me
i can concentrate on trying to be


what's the wifi password?
what's the wifi password?
write it on this little slip of paper so i ain't gotta make a 5 second effort to ask her

if you know it, but you don't wanna show that you know it
we can put the topic on the back burner but

i know you visited before 'cause i seen snapchat stories of you and all these mufuckas turning up

what's the wifi password?
what's the wifi password?
"S-REGGIN double L-A 68"
that's "86 all niggers" backwards

i guess that the owner of this wifi router is a racist
i didn't know the owner of this wifi router was a racist
a racist
Track Name: AS AN ADULT
i rose very late that day
had to make drive quick

no 9 to 5 under my belt
my pride slipped
but milady on some ride or die shit

didn't ge ta chance to do the routine
you know, me upon the throne as the new king

my subjects appear at a regular time
you could atomic clock to it
we making milly rocks plop and even hot fluids
my misfortune, this morning, yo i did not do it

so my sweet lady suggest i eat
top loaded some breakfast meats
now it's time to caress the streets

drawbacks of the seated position
.body remembering similar feelings

in the whip tryna ignore the rumble now
in my stomach the sow, cow
are doing triple salchows

gassy like kiss kiss bang bang
peck peck pow pow

GPS wanna redirect to a quaint residence in brown town
full of shit and gotta get the pounds down

thinking 'bout home and comfort there
but i'm closer to my folks crib, running scared

it's something 'bout the memory
and the proximity that turns your
autonomous operations to the enemy

i'm hitting speeds past legal limits
that lavatory, i can see me in it

it's the hare VS the tortoise head poking out
sphincter muscle choking at it's only job

i see the front facade of my childhood
body like nostalgia, yo we all good

i fumble for the keys and i can't squeeze
hard enough, looking at the door , it's a war

going on inside of these pant seams
well-known sensations, and i hate it and i can't scream

key enters the hole
Elvis has left the building
and i lose control

it's like seeing the goal and reaching it
but then it disappears just as soon as you speak of it

recognizing the smells of the crucial ingredients
the heat and the greasiness
the heavy uneasiness
damn, indeed i did

i shit on myself as an adult
i was old enough to vote
i was old enough to smoke
i never smoked
but i
shit on myself as an adult
i was old enough to smoke
i was old enough to vote
i did vote

i couldn't be too upset
nobody saw me and nobody was up yet

hit the toilet n destroyed it
but i can't forget the truth , i can't avoid it

you see the soiled drawers and jeans
turn on the shower, piping hot, and
enjoyed the steam

washed away a quantum of shame
from this day on my outlook cannot be the same

in that dank basement i found some old sweats
the ghosts of my relatives' souls wept

and so i scrubbed the tainted linens in the basin
then threw em in the washer with the chemical cocktails

an kicked it with my pops after he exited slumber
he didn't ask why i was there
and i did not tell

i shit on myself as an adult
i was old enough to vote
i was old enough to smoke
i never smoked
but i
shit on myself as an adult
i was old enough to smoke
i was old enou
Track Name: CASKETS ft. Rufio Jones, Sean Uppercut, Stryfe
doc verse
It's the awesome audible hacksaw
head balder than Terry Bradshaw's
you slack jawed yokels that
rap soft

should pass off into the next dimension
accept your next position as the sweeper
of stages after we wreck your system

made an impression like a bladed weapon
laid against your face and pressed in
so take some injuries or take suggestions

write a will
we fight to kill
still on your head, like a bill
but we'd do it for free
'cause we don't like your grill

with a sniper's still hand
I trigger fans to pull it
at the speed of advancing bullets
channels demanding footage

the stance is crooked 'cause this sword weighs
more than I, mortals mortified
they're morsels for this Smörgåsbord we've
Track Name: TIME (DO IT, DO IT)

if i gotta take time
i'mma take my time and do it right
and if i ain't got time
i'mma do it
and i cain't waste time
i'mma do it

i might not make it to the morning
you might not make it to the morning
take a shot
true, i might not make it
if i make it then i'm scoring

that's the basic principle of most sports
hated individual in most courts
maybe you'll get centered after interview with blow torch

differences too miniscule to go off
but children wanna mention you to get the fuel
to go up

here's a jetpack
baby, never sweat that
here's some jet boots
baby, never sweat loot
here's a sweat suit

maybe it'll work out
and if don't
then i hope you took some good pictures
for the proof
that you was in the gym
but, you gotta explain how you ain't been getting thin
should've got 'em a swimsuit
this is it, oops

in my experience
any decision is better than indecision
your interference is met with my cynicism

it's better to just forget 'em
i measure my best appearance

against the number of breasts in attendance
the lesson is in the simple suggestion to get it
i question your mental strength if you've yet to commit

to the efforts that maximize how a second is spent
you too reckless with it
you gotta tighten up

you loose cannon, skip tanning
you gotta lighten up
i mix messages inn a blender
divide it up

and conquer it
my obstacles ain't a challenge
i'm fly as fuck and i gotta get outta
the bottom
i'm convinced

we got some trophies awaiting cuz all my homies amazing
and we control information so we supposed to caking

'cause we done waited for the dough to rise
make it and take it
we done waiting to be notified
i know you didn't ask for my opinion on the matter
i been scouring the data for some hours and i had to

sit you down
and give you some informational cue cards
found out that solving my own problems is too hard

yall folks can be my surrogate sims
instead of learning to swim i put the burden on them

and i can still be the reason why the herd is so thin
the game is broken i still serve it a gem

see all my customers bought it
with this uncomfortable logic
you'll be able to run for republican office

here's a few rules to live your life by
never walk streets, you might get caught in a drive by

submit those expense reports, itemized
act your age and stop acting your diaper size

instead of thinking 'bout having sex wit dem wet freaks
exercise enough to reduce your excess neck meat

change your diet up, next week
don't fry it up, matter fact you should eat less meat
meditate, less tweets

start a journal up, maybe make a vision board
and don't fill it up with silly pictures of whips and swords

get some more constructive hobbies
than ducking jobs to suck and slob seductive bodies

at least keep it out the public view
or pay for it like truckers do when you wanna bust your goo

have brunch with an estranged cousin
and don't invite other fam 'cause
you gotta alienate someone

the hashtag six-zeroed sheep
dishing out zero sleep
keeping the crib smelling like gyro meat

pick a bedtime, stick to it
visit the doctor if your penis is inexplicably
dripping thick fluid

that's not a feature of its normal operation
promptly arrive at the start of your formal occupation

think of sleep as a form of concentration
think of being cheap as a war on ostentatiousness

and check your breath after each meal
the government should issue free mouthwash refills

maybe pop a few mints until you get home
where you can brush your teeth and build the paste into a thick foam

be a good sportsman
don't dance in the end zone
don't use romance from the friendzone

since they raised the price you should cancel the netflix
and don't read snarky blog articles for sex tips `

do everything i say
and make it snappy
do everything today

see, i'm the one like 3 dividing 3
and your mama say i'm fun like Keegan Michael Key

with a Neo Geo console
cuz i keep it lighter than the O-V-O honcho
you owe me those nachos

maybe i would play it straighter if i had a better buzz
but i never fit like that legendary leather glove

interpersonally operating like the devil does
i just wanna see the world turn pebble dust

i just wanna see the world burn
level up
spread confusion like nutella yes
i set you up

i'm really a sewer urchin in a person suit
too concerned with herbs and returning to my urban roots
Track Name: happy leap year (BONUS TRACK)
happy leap year
this here's a reach
but let's be clear
you should only listen to this song once
every one thousand four hundred and sixty days
while you confront your deep fears over cheap beers

february 29th, two thousand sixteen
remember who got clowned and picked clean

a bit of advice, homies
you should only pound if the mound is pristine
you can never be down if your sound is extreme
aiming for the main and turned out
i'm ecstatic to see you drowning midstream

i'm living in the moment and i'm dying in reflection
timing is lesson
with every winding second
i'm a giant in conception

that's what you gotta tell yourself to lie through your depression
that's why we fuck the planet with the mightiest erection
til hatefully departed in thin blankets of scarlet

from emaciated artists to artificially inflated starlets that fame made a target
i'd rather be famous for being the steph curry of throwing balled up pieces of paper towel into the garbage
while you roleplay as idiocy incarnate

i'm eckhart tolle with the tone of voice you better obey
only exception i don't rep the ofays
the best of both ways
my message is so festive, olé
don't vote for donald trump in this election, okay

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