Only RRRappers Will Like This

by Illingsworth



One of the few things I know with 100% certainty is that I enjoy rapping. I enjoy it so much that maybe I get a little carried away with it.

For that reason, there’s a good chance Only Rappers Will Like This.


Please support by purchasing the project. I can't NOT RAP. This fact has "ruined" my life (if you go by the standards of someone who thinks that making music isn't work).

Watch my YouTube videos, too. You might like em.

Big ups to my duder, SelfSays, for parting the seas in order to jump on a track. Go peep his project entitled "April" if you enjoy raps.

Also, if you'd like some more rap, check out "The Last Resorts" by my good friends, Stryfe & Marc Byrd.

Here's my free rap project from 2012:

Thanks to my mom and dad for being supportive. Makes me happy that yall are warming up to me doing this music. Thanks to my sis and bro. Yall are crazy. Thank you to Brandi. The power of your love is indescribable. I love you. Thanks to Detroit CYDI (Rufio Jones & Sean Uppercut), Stryfe, J Matt, Marc Byrd, Airelle, Wiltz, the whole Illiance, Axis of Greatness. Thanks to Bert, to Dave, Davegeti, Mike, the other Mike, the other other Mike, and Leaf. Big ups to Sweaston, to Zach, Trees, and L05. I'm gonna come back here and keep adding people because I always end up mistakenly leaving somebody out.
Thank you for listening, sharing, tweeting, encouraging, etc. Thank you. Each of you give me an extra boost of strength. Trust me, I need it.


released July 1, 2013

written & produced by ILLingsworth
track 15 features the writing and rapping of SelfSays on the 2nd verse


all rights reserved



Illingsworth Detroit


stuff i make = music with @rufiojones @seanuppercut and @stryfeD, beats, raps, videos.
born & bred resident of Detroit.
smooth due to alopecia.

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Track Name: Only RRRappers Will Like This #ORWLT
(Verse 1)
yo, get your mothafuckin mitts off me
you can talk shit, but please talk your shit softly

hate mongering robots flop and commonly don't rock
get cleaned up, i'll use your sarcophagus as my soapbox

I'm Rick (Astley) with the hostages, never gonna give you up
mixing up the potions, Doc doing wizard stuff

sitting in a basement, looking at a flickering screen
hoping my time wasn't wasted , visiting dreams

of ripping stages, in digital ages
but the lyrical labors favor minimal wages

am I diggin my grave or am I friggin' amazin?
if not now then when's the conditional statement

not a teen, never shook off the angst
i could walk the plank but i took off and shrank

but then became the bigger man
Henry Pym would give him a standing o
like damn he pro, Moranis bro

Only rappers will like this
you don't have to be polite just tell the truth

(Verse 2)
ayo, faster than a photon
the penalty for messin wit the Zohan

is swift kicks to the cajones
from your opponents at the goal line
.do as the coach chimed and go the whole nine

i'm coming up with intelligent ways to phrase
and embellish the hellish displays that i imagine

when cabin fever has captured me whole
sapping my soul and the only way to fight back
is passionate prose

but a misappropriation of talent is shown
cuz rather than having the stones to battle oppressive forces

i be back at my home relaxing laughing at gore flicks
or, playing some game where magical orbs are thrown

and the graphic performance impresses my mom
happy she visits but she takes the stress when she's gone

.maybe she'll think this is one of my better songs
or maybe naw
Track Name: EXODIA (FISHY)
(Verse 1)

return to the Eden
Hermes please
slow down god, you speedin

get a job, custodial, sweeping
you're in love, only you, weeping

....on the weekend riding in a Lincoln with
the seats draped in sheepskin, fresh, still bleedin

my family gotta problem with the company i'm keeping
my dad still get at me but the lessons never sink in

he said "go to school, graduate, and we even"
i'm sorry, pops, i can't hold up my part in this agreement

still operating off theories we don't believe in
still debilitated when insecurities creep in

swinging the sword, master foil, as i crash the soil
that's my toil, raps that boil cats in castor oil

just wanted to put it in a rhyme to file away
i got your number, i'm a dial away

Something fishy here, get the engineer

(Verse 2)
your sense of entitlement ain't built on a survival instinct
or on some kinda internal tribalist sciences

it's built offa
them shitty teachings that i peeled off ya
yo shitty parents and their shitty marriage

ditto for me
i feel a bit embarrassed
spinning like a pinwheel or a ferris
at the topic

but clarity in optics
don't match the kinda therapy
that's gifted from catharsis
i'm grounded like a partridge

so when i feel disheartened
don't look for me to pop a clip or cartridge
in a weapon for assault on several targets

ii'm grabbing pens pencils or computers or some markers
paper envelope napkin cardboard index cards
even the palm of

my hand, as a starter, yo i can
be a father, a lord, important author reporting
the states of those of us succumbing to the darker

places in the mind we'd choose never to remark on
so if you gotta spark one, do it

i ain't gonna stop ya
but don't expect me to look out for the coppers

speak to me deeper if you wanna touch the teacher
i see issues of crushing speakers in usher/bieber
Track Name: SEX
(Verse 1)
Written to sex beat

empires have fallen
political machines brought
to a grinding halt because
somebody wanted

men shot men
women told lies about women
to men, it begins with good

Players turned fool
bought a bunch of diamonds
I judge em like Simon
cause they just want

from a chick whose
self respect costs your check
would you let her meet your
moms cause she got good.....?

you would buy a car
jeopardize your growth as a man
for some futile fun and some cheap

put something toxic into
into the blood stream
of young queen
cuz you think it's hard to get

the police beating you
the judge then'll sentence you
now you're in a cell getting forced to have

If it ain't plentiful
sharpen up your game you can get it
it's time to have

(Verse 2)
If you have partner
I hope to God
your relationship is healthy
and you both

You would honestly ,
have to be the lamest
muthafucka in the world
to go your whole life
and avoid

when you come from work
look into the eyes of your
significant other
and simply think the word

if yall got it like that
you 'bout to get it like that
hit me up and thank me
later after you have some

I hope you strapped it up
cuz if you ain't getting
at least 60K
you shouldn't have unprotected

you're think bout Trojans
I'm thinking that plus
prenuptials unless
you trust who you're having

Winning combination
when you genuinely love
who you wit
and they coming with that bomb ass

If it ain't plentiful
sharpen up your game
you can get it too
it's time to have
(Verse 1)
i'm the man
but only in my mind
and only 50% of the time

getting caught in practices that critically interfere with my grind
in other words, i'm good at wasting time

good at making lines
not for coke overdoses more for dope quotes n boasts
mostly making rhymes

and you can dutty wine shake behinds
hey it's fine
you playing your position
i'll focus on playing mine

staying in the limelight would be nice
grazing the crime life, facing 3 strikes
babylon take away your de-lights

avalon, ex-calibur armed, the king type
...try to be fly and get a wing sniped

catch me in the Chi at a wingstop
visiting Raj, Zain, and Marcos
Adam and Jack, El and Matt

selecting tracks at a bar most
nights, sending vibrations to ward off
beastly marks shown in the form of bar-codes

solving this rap puzzle
get these pussies some cat muzzles
it seems every month the crap doubles

we try to meet peacefully, cats scuffle
somebody reaches into a black Duffle
and just like that you getting clapped, snuffed you

(Verse 2)
.my buddy delivers sandwiches for sandwich shops

i'm gonna order ham on rye
have him deliver it to a landfill and then
kill him with a cannon shot
hook his pieces to wires
shock him with ample watts

i'm a terrible friend in cheap flannel tops
...if i had deep pockets, i would gamble lots

dirty looks to the people sorta mad cuz they cancelled cops
like they had some kinda substantial stock

in seeing poor people treated like mishandled props
the boys in blue must think they knights in Camelot

younger generation ain't got no examples watch em
scream "fuck school"
and eat foods that make enamel rot

no kids yet
...i see it as one of God's biggest tests
the results are rarely based on intellect

you a robotic/leper/zombie if you claim that you don't feel it yet
you need love, you should get a pet

a falling cigarette to signal your imminent death
i hope your afterlife's a tumble down infinite steps

since gifted with breath i been a threat to self
gimme respect and gimme next if you wanna help

she gon' leave me cuz I cain't turn it off
but ay

(Verse 1)

All I have is my car and my ambition
if the engine dies re-evaluate my position

I've given up so much and traveled such a short distance
so love feels like a prison, or cancer without remission

even in my decisions, I'm stabbing up the pages
fashioning these phrases into dazzling contagious

ravenous relations, masterful, you dub me
barreling through life and my pen is rarely dusty

I'll never be homeless
home is where the heart is
my heart is in the music
firmly seated where the art is

identified as a smart kid
foolish as an adult
my dad think I'm stupid
for spending time with this rap stuff

my mom thinks I'm poised
for the title, I don't do this for qualification, it's survival

see I'm on the curb, on the verge
of a purge and I've learned and
I squirm beneath my skin
as this bluish rock turns

complain about your job
I can not complain
if I whine about my life
take everything I've gained

I miss me, I might diss we, plain
your eyes a little misty
liquid wash away the stain

I hope your cry out ever single ounce of moisture
then hit the store for oysters
get hitched or join the cloister

I'mma find a way to get the dirt of the laundry
if you don't want me to create, you don't want me
i like basketball
don't like hockey much
try to make me play
and catch h-e-double hockey pucks

it's nonsensical
check the credentials to find
i'm probably whimsical
so toast me

see me on the streets with my seeds and approach me
ask me why i got kids you might go ghostly

a nice scheme for attracting a kind girl
seen brothers chilling with blondes, well, they like the swirl

i can't blame them, love is just love, right?
but you probably won't find it drunk on a club night

see you in church
i'mma be at the corner peeking in the door
you'll be all like "dude, what you ain't in here for?"

you can't say i didn't keep a promise, your boy will keep it honest
i'm eating reheated omelets

and sausage, trying to keep the heat off my wallet
gambled with the bosses, my buddy mouthed off

now he's needing to be defrosted
i'm just trying to walk these dogs and represent
woozy humans with nausea

i owe companies uncomfortable sums of money
so buy this rap track so i can have a second chance

i know you thinking, "Doc, i need one too
but i love you dog, here's all the bread i have"

thanks guys, here's a shout in the liner notes
in exchange, appreciative i can entertain

yep, i'm damn near dead but still drip game
so watch your noggin if i put down this pimp cane

i make weird raps, only i can get away with
sitting in a basement, i dare a kid to say shit

if he does then we can agree to disagree
might invite his fam over for rotisserie

i'm an adult, i solve problems fairly well
plus i know grisly tales i can't bare to tell

(Verse 2)
you're a boy scout
wit soiled trousers and oiled mouth
plus you rap like boiled trout

i've resorted to rapping about rappers not rapping their raps
in ways that are palatable

i'm having to pull the saddest of dull past bull
to gather the full attention of the masses involved

so here's a cup, drink of it, CURSED
i tricked you, you mad you ain't think of it FIRST

i get to, do what i want, without asking
i'm lordly, The Freshest Prince

like i just left an orgy of evidence
at the crime scene to move in with
you stupid and salty
cuz i get to be goofy and raunchy

and all these good people do is applaud me
and you? all you do is sniff glue in dark hallways

major bonus baby, Sharky Shark always
Al Pacino, screaming and spitting while the song plays

thin lines between protector and tyrant
minuscule spectre and giant
riding in a volkswagen jetta

or riding in private jet, flying over tropical islands
it's timing

allow humility and confidence to co-conspire
or the be the ruler of a kingdom on fire

they so enraged we ain't ushering in a golden age
they rolling over in graves like snow tires

over cold pavement, those who know
know they don't know nathan
so any occasion and location

they go praising my known creations
and for that next ep they waiting, wholly patient

if they knew all the dumb shit i do on a daily basis
i'd have to make some lifestyle changes to stay fit

so the people willing to pay stay convinced
so every verse is aimed for the fence
Track Name: GOLDAR
I've got to know right now if you are going to tell me what to do
Track Name: TRUST (the rapper paranoia song)
(Verse 1)
don't trust horoscopes, don't trust haters
don't trust expensive suits, perms, and gators

look a little skeptically
at niggas saying they ain't holding weaponry
cuz they probably do it professionally

met so many hoes over these long years
not worth the tears or the beers

man, I had a fear of this rap shit
niggas said i was talented
fucking up in school cuz I ain't know how to balance it

and I ain't no activist
I'm just another black face saddled with intelligence
being chased by avarice

true, I battle it
but daily, I stoop lower
I guess I'm losing
and my mood colder

see, I wanna take trips when I wanna take trips
spend a couple Gs and not worry bout shit

and never be alone when I wanna be surrounded
and, be alone when a nigga's feeling crowded

man, driving round worried bout the transmission
cain't be the limit to these glamorous intentions

see I need some cheese, but first I need to milk
the whole game, and I'm built, check the frame

we need trust
if there's gonna be anything for us to discuss
trust is a must

the quest to overtake the minuses with a plus
we need trust

(Verse 2)
don't trust a nigga telling you to not trust
and don't trust facts that you're scared to discuss

niggas got your number, they hanging on your line
callin', ain't saying nothing, and playing with your mind

my eyes got baggage, my pants legs tattered
my psyche's been battered but my nike ain't shattered

it's funny the futility and necessity of planning
keeps everything in motion on the planet

see I could draw a map from point A to point B
but until I hit the road, there's no assurance what I'll see

I thought about marriage, I thought carriages
gave it my all and resurfaced with embarrassments

niggas saw me slipping but ain't show me no signs
used to getting what they want, and demanding my time

I should skip town and see who miss a nigga
who come out the woodwork to cold diss a nigga

they shit on my successes, shit on my failures
all I get is shit, I may as well plant seeds

in a few months see the crops grow tall
but nan one of yall niggas better ask for my greens

we need trust
if there's gonna be anything for us to discuss
trust is a must

the quest to overtake the minuses with a plus
we need trust
Track Name: CLIMB
(Verse 1)
You can catch me in Japan
standing on a beach
snatching the grasshopper outta
my sensei's hand
til his blood in the sand
Total dominance the crux of plan

Fux witcha man
a duck in the hand
is worth two in the sedan

Victory is seeping out my glands
niggas cloud the lane up with that spam
they don't know how to jam

I take it back to where it began
smash your girl in the van
like yams
give her a couple grams tell her

I'm operating witta purpose
went from shoveling shit wit the hermits
to ringleading the circus

Why would I only scratch the surface?
I'm tryna flourish
I need a surplus of chips and servants

I need a rocket ship
I need a philosopher's stone
I'm on a power trip
and no I'm not coming home

They counterfeit and they clone
they're bound to quit and it's known
that's what a coward is
me, I'm mountainous

Chorus x2
I live life on the line
You would lie to live
Me? I'll never lie down and die
My down is the sky
My up is the limits of the universe
shifting, and I'm down to climb

(Verse 2)
I learned fast
no amount of earned cash
can turn an unlearned scag from dirt bag
to someone not worth laughs

Change gotta spring from the center
and not come out of a money vendor

And not come from a mechanical construct with a gas powered engine
or a tyrannical leader giving you a license to position

yourself over another's existence
I'd rather you love me from a distance

life's a bitch
now insert witty line
about how even though she
bitchy, you still give her all your time

You love the drama, it's heavy on your mind
it's petty and you find

You didn't do the exercise to hold back the tides
drowning in the future
fist-pounding Lucifer

Thought you had balls big as two Jupiters
and now you hanging by the uvula
'til you older than Methuselah

I hope God knows what to do wit ya
rich people don't look down
they don't have to
if they look away from the cheese
they lose value

yall money hoard so your funds are stored
the clumsy poor hug the floor like an underscore

cause their lifeline's a broken bungie cord
if they survive the fall
they gon be limping when they try to ball

that's easy layups they betting that you gave up
jump off the bench and tape up you'll never get your pay up

you looking motionless, painful jolt, voltages, broken ribs
sending ya condolences to somebody who notices

cuz only chips avert the gaze
they hold the script when the curtain's raised
revolted at the oath of what the burden weighs

urban gardens and urban graves coexist
and coalesce in hopelessness

money keeps the posture upright
and keeps your body uptight
and keeps your butt-cheeks clenched
cuz your achievements

deserve special treatment
when confronted with suffering
just pay to not see it
for comfort you can sleep wit

Sealy posture-pedic filled with
Gs, C notes
these folks don't even go to sleep
broke, nope

money's not an issue when the money's in your tissues
the punishment you sit through is what money makes us men do

money's kinda funny cuz the money can be misused
while rich dudes willfully choose to don ripped shoes

we drive through the styx empty pockets
at the outlet for outfits
when we should be chatting with accountants

so hold on to your pounds and quid
and teach the kids

rich people don't look down down
and they ultimately fail to see see

all their surplus cents fall into our grips
ain't no balancing the scales til all of thems tipped
uh oh
not another fucking tortured artist type
plus, the rapper archetype?
they think they had the hardest life

watch him turn the starkest white
nobody cares how hard he writes
.he's kinda noble but that ain't what global markets like

if they took some smarter steps
they could be the architects of happiness though mostly
know they aren't a threat

large and yet massive as his problems become
the prodigal son returns burned, welcomed
by the loving father and followers run

to greet him gleefully tell me what do you see in he
if he could he would vibrate at higher

but he's deep in these swamps
it's easy for dirt to stick to your frame
salutations for patience cleaning it all off

the small talk's enlarged in a scope
and revealed as the straw that broke the
camel's back
confounded, how'd he manage that?

the verse is serious
the chorus is silliness
they don't know how legit he is at fitting these sentences

in 16 measure 4/4 timed increments
at various tempos
a stylistic myriad

wait, stop boasting
grab the star charts and plot motions
keep a hard heart, concoct potions

rappers are aardvark like
competent suckers
i've discovered
but still none can stop the lava,
hot molten

...they know him as a terrible man who goes iberico ham
playing unbearable jams

and he would share if he could
but he can't cuz he chose not to
cuz most of yall unexposed nosferatu
Track Name: MISS ME
you're looking out the window at my tracks in the driveway
me leaving hit like palm strikes from Pai Mei

feel free to knock all my shit over sideways
I ain't coming back like I did last Friday

too much arguing
now I'm pursuing peace
I gotta stand up if I'm gon' end
the losing streak

I was a rapper when you met me
I'll still be writing rhymes when and if you forget me
so I suggest we

just part ways, but you threw hooks in me
gave me good kitty, me leaving sooner looked iffy

but it wore off, now I'm feeling bossy again
you standing at the door, eyes looking glossy again

I gave you that chance, you lost me again
now we cannot be lovers, not even friends

a part of me is partly sorry
but my heartstrings got clipped in a heart beat
when I thought smartly

I cooked salmon with the lemon and the parsley
sat down and told you calmly I'd be gone shortly

you said you'd report me, for making you have sex forcefully
lying so you could short me

put my shit out on the porch, I give a fuck cuz I'm off
a tank full of gas, I'm headed north

on some newness, not for a new miss, on some solo
soul searching, and still flowing with the current

but you gonna miss me, even if you don't think so
you should just think slow, sit down

take a breath and realize
that's it's never gonna get too much better than this

that's what I keep telling myself, as I hit the door
I'm gonna miss her too, probably more
Track Name: DIE WIT IT
I'm welcoming insanity
parties with my family
indulging in my vanity

can it be
all so simple in the canopy?
candlelight vigils for careers,
see em panicking?

stanzas like bricks from the heavens
building tenements
live within my words
and you'll merge with the infinite

tail of a comet
not a prophet but a pauper
specks of stardust from an
interstellar author

a hard head makes a soft ass
you shoulda went for the bank shot off the glass
but now you're picking yourself up off the grass

entertain the stains on your pants
they stand for the gains that you made to advance

I stand in the rain and remain writing flame for the chance
to be the latest pain in the ass

of a nonbelieving soldier
marching to the quantized beat of a cobra
spitting politics from the sofa

while lives get tossed to the wind
but there's hope for
you and me

open up your hands and eyes and see
that happiness reserved for the rich and fancy can't be

(Verse 2)

we've come so far

and yet gained so little
since a little man
my aim's been for the temple

I wake up in the morning
when others are snoring
I'm pouring portions of my soul

into a void
I see integrity being destroyed
feeling shakes
as a warning

you can relate if
you ache for importance

I'm at the edge of the lake
with a bucket but, the waters
look murky and the stakes are enormous

I only wanna find a place in the chorus
resonate wit the orphans
til fate holds less hardships

but it ain't easy
another wall, another slope
and another old hate resurfaces

I'm getting close to my own escape velocity
ladders made from Jenga blocks toppling on top me

but it's prophecy I believe it's gotta be
synchronize watches, time'll tell, we gotta see
...i'm oswald cobblepot and basquiat
dodging gunshots and venutian hottentots

people be asking me "why you playin possum doc?"
had to learn to be cool with losing if the project flops

i do this for my golden girls, pals, and confidants
all the materialism killing us gots to stop

love your seeds even if they owe their lives to a condom-pop
and put some extra money into bonds n stocks

shouts out to KDz, he's grilling dogs and chops
it's cookout season, hogs n hops

i might defect from the united states, bon voyage
and take up a ridiculous name like "liquid ocelot"

i talk less, and analyze more, i watch a lot
you don't believe i rap cuz i don't grab my crotch a lot

strong as ox? naw, watch n awe
stuck in that tough talk your mom never popped your
jaw for mouthing off

lack of faith make my skin crawl like pictures of arthropods
mostly i fail to give it all to god

i'm flawed, but raw
and this is what you saw

please Doc, don't you go, come back

Track Name: Trips to Japan feat. SelfSays (Bonus)
Verse 1 - ILLingsworth

disappointment doesn't give you a pass to act destructively
at least that's what i say around company

rappers are gamblers at heart,
itching for the feel of not knowing what the results will be

taking menial jobs that we can quit easy
eating inexpensive meals minus nutrients

barely surviving off the wages that we get weekly
but the opposite feels better than not doing shit

they only love you if your story is the juiciest
if you appear to be the nucleus of things dubious

so we lit doobies up, got woozy drunk
and licked boobies up and scuba'd up
the coochie-cut

the lifelong mystery is "who to trust"
we tracking clues
dodging groupies and truly sus'
puny mutts

the avenue is crowded
you gotta make your own way around it
to see adversity surmounted

go head sip if you can check the hennessey game
i'm taking trips to japan in a rickety plane

watashi no namae wa Doc desu

Verse 2 - SelfSays

Try to ball out
buy the whole bar out
But slippin on the chips
To get ya whip up out impound
Thought u was stuntin like ya daddy
But baby ain't ya pappy
Try focusing on things that make happy
A reevaluation of what's happening exactly
money makes the world go round
pockets all like slow down
In the Red light
negative balance
owe alot on this and
Gotta pay on that
in attempts to try to get ahead
Just to get a few steps behind
this is how it's designed
easy to be on some what it's all for
No high fives
this is real life
At times I'm like nickel and dining
when u want a change but dang that's all you got.
Money make a man insane have em doing all types of crazy thangs

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