giant slide

by Illingsworth

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The giant slide is an actual existing thing that many Detroiters probably know very well. It resides on Belle Isle, an island-park in the Detroit River.

To utilize the giant slide, you have to wait in a line and climb a bunch of stairs. At some point in this process, you’re given an empty potato-sack. When it’s your turn, your put your body on that sack and you take a really quick and fun ride. Unlucky sliders who didn’t keep all limbs safely on the sack hold tightly to the memory of those fun-filled scars, even if those scars are now too small to perceive.

There’s a life-lesson in there somewhere. Maybe. I don’t know.

ask me for advice and i'll make a video about it:
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released June 30, 2014

i wrangled up some sounds from different places and then they became this.


all rights reserved



Illingsworth Detroit


stuff i make = music with @rufiojones @seanuppercut and @stryfeD, beats, raps, videos.
born & bred resident of Detroit.
smooth due to alopecia.

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Track Name: 7+7+7
they saw these hail mary passes
these pacifists, who'd rather be passive
and get their asses kicked laughed at us

we back witta massive fist,
joe-louis-sized for suicidal rivals
who'd glue to pride for a foolish ride

get them hands up
stand up on seat, smash a bottle
slipped the jagged edges in a
bastard's melon then what follows

is an escalated tussle
of lacerated muscle
bullet staccatos


for you we tether hectic stanzas
to get a skeptic's hands up
and though my pockets slimmer than your
anorexic chances

at advancement when your head is so expansive
at your petty check advances
we dig for heavy answers

I slam a ring-ed fist into festive emerald lantern
construct a verse of willful bless-ed banter
to cleanse your septic cancer

so learn you some better manners
how put together grammars

one of the features of this creature is eagerness to defeat ya
in each of the forms of media
spit meteors in arenas and coliseums
an d reach deep in my bag of seasonings
sprinkling seeds of genius on the bleachers
and seeing these parameciums evolve
to evilly clawed equally raw with greedy maws
eating people and all surrounding feasibly small pieces they can keep in their jaws
Track Name: giant slide
if you wanna be a quitter than quit
i won't stop you at all for dipping
i get it,
your spirits have dipped

'cause your mission isn't within you
it isn't sincere
you've submitted to fear
fishing for compliments

your confidence is missing it's clear
i'm not here to be bestow it
you gotta go and get it yourself if you wanna know that
it is real

you fishing for deals
them big fish be eating you and lure too
an indelible stain on the pure you

be sure to close the door upon your exit
first marvel on the titles i've contested

gargle a pair of testes if you'd fold at the slightest sign of
my watch only got time for the courageous

watching behind my back within the battle is the bravest
so we return the favors
the weakest links in chains defeat

the whole reason we entertain
we speaking to enter brains and delight
with these mics
just to keep it simple and plain

.. before i go
let the story show
never frequented glory-holes
or double dunked an oreo

..not within my skillset
i ain't paid the bills yet
no stability

i ain't isolated the real threat
..maybe my lack of responsibility
cements that the backs of my ears are still wet

you do it for the meal check
and bill flash to smash chicks like
insects at picnics

ya cain't even sniff a whiff of the buttermilk biscuits
let alone
ever sit up at the table wit me

yo broke ass
i'll break bread if you can break this 50

the secret's i'm broker
and i got my whole savings with me
could use a donation quickly

your gators crispy
you at random locations spiffy
naysayers diss me
but i get love from raver hippies

to sailor gypsies to pagan pixies
a hater's essence is fabricated n flimsy

young featherweights with
heads full o steam and lesser names
get metal rain and wrapped up in cellophane
for telling names

competitors gain leverage but their method is lame
we train, to steady the aim
bet it's shredding ya brain

unluckily these suckas be claimin sucker free
but pucker
plus they'd rather duck and flee

i'm going in, cover me
you clumsily mismanage your companies
trust in me
these dummies uncomfortably

rabble rouse
at the top and spew that toxic brew
they watch a few with myopic view, that's
prolly what not to do

we'll see if you gotta clue, when that tower topples on top
of your microscopic crew, it's not philosophical
it's the honest truth

best believe it
you know me the rep proceeded
the pressure treated, accredited genius
to whom you pledge allegiance

so look a that king, you'll never be it
and if you got me in your sights, you better squeeze it
Track Name: she's changing
first contact
our eyes lock
God put me in the right spot
tonight, watch

I'll spark a conversation
the things I found out
I know she's of sound mind
and body to pound out

generous and humorous round out
the traits, we'll lounge out, and dates
around town, escapes

it's fate, her crown's found
without doubt
she's changing

her hugs are less tight
the kisses are less fertile
with love, so let's fight
make up and sex right

then text the next night
reminiscing over lustful scratches
and left bites

but still I feel the comings of storms and sad sights
I'm trying to laugh hard, to stifle the hidden cries
she smiles, I feel high

she's right there, she's fly
with new eyes, she sees a real guy
she will try

the spark in her eyes is lost
the only recourse is law, high price divorce

go to the source
see the heart cold frost remorseless
made some wrong choices
paid the cost

to be the boss
the toll, consumes souls
behold, the new road
leap whole into the chasm below

still searching for time
where did it go? it changed
the variables
on our carousel headed to hell
and there we go go

go shorty, it's your birthday
Track Name: hit and run and crash
you looking at a hit-and-run motorist
no, i'm not heartless my motive is born from
driving as a soloist through cities where
the cobras is the loneliest

which makes you paranoid and so afraid to pull over
when there's soldiers in the streets
making beats on the skulls of the drivers
of the smoldering wreckage

man , we must've dropped moral compasses
nope, i didn't come for this

it was dark he was running in the intersection
i wasn't drunk but, i was slumped
it had been a second

dropped my phone in between the seat
you seen me reach
looked up and seen a human body reach the peak

in his eyes, the glimmer of life signs didn't reflect
strings once connected to the soul been stripped and left

it's dangerous wherever streets intersect

see me
posted downing potions at the hosted event
I'm rollercoastin' on the sofa trying to hold in my liq

overdosed, lost focus and dipped in snow drifiting
lost control of the grip n mostly totaled the whip

I awoke slow feeling like a locomotive had hit
broken a rib and opened my lip, these selfish
motorists keep

rollin' by the ditch, where the Taurus
had flipped
thought I heard God's whispers and unfolded my fists

and made a motion to split, can't die yet
I got another bonus to get

my throat singed, skin toasted a bit, airbag exploded and ripped
in the smoke I'm convinced I saw the writing on the wall

hadn't decoded the script,
see Patron and the Cola don't mix
ain't notice it but it's my onus to get, later on

I found out the moment I split some knuckleheads unloaded some clips
life's a cobra so we supposed to get bit

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