by Detroit CYDI & Stryfe

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    The artwork features the photography of Kendre' Daniels-Young & the graphic design of Sean Anthony Mack.


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sean upperthanks:
get a few mounds of my lovely wife Dayna, mix in a handful of my family, add a bunch of CYDI/Stryfe/AOG, fold into the mix my awesome friends, stir in a bottle of universal creative life-force. bake it at temperature love in a God oven and voila. grateful cake from sean uppercut

the world is crazy, and can suck really bad, and we can get hung up on the bad things. our protest is exuberant joy in the face of oppression. if you feel better at the end of this than when you first pressed play, we've done our job. rambling.

Rufio Jones says: Thank you to my mom and my Carmelita for keeping me alive.

Stryfe says: I want to thank God. Mom. Dad. Shellie. Rae. CYDI. And Ignant Nate...

ILLingsworth says: on December 25, 2008, with great help from a cool Sundsvall-resident named Erik L, a trio of rapper-bros released a whimsical project called “The Rhyming Dictionary”. it led them down a really cool path of crazy performances in strange places with cool characters, and for me, meeting the love of my life (yes, Brandi, i’m talking about you). nice life-changing stuffs.

in case it wasn’t clear, i’m talking about my group, Detroit CYDI. between then and now, we’ve released singles, videos, and solo material but, never a true follow-up project (here comes the cliché), UNTIL NOW.

the name of this project is “Rap-Masters”, a title inspired by a fantastically fun and crappy keyboard called the the Concertemate-800 Rap-Master, lent to us by Rufio Jones’ sweet-lady, Carmelita (the fact that she ever possessed such an item is also a source of great hilarity). this project features another of our brothers, Stryfe, who also appeared with us on our first group project, as well as several collaborations. it would be nice to say this project is 6 years in the making but, that wouldn’t exactly be true. a couple months ago, i pitched the idea of having some sessions for the purpose of putting out some new music on December 25, 2014. my brothers were down for it and they delivered in spades. a large portion of this material was completed very recently. this time around, i handled overall production but it was definitely a dynamic collaborative exchange of energy as everyone’s input helped to shape mere beats into living, breathing songs. it was an incredibly enjoyable time putting this material together and i speak for the crew in saying, we hope it brings you at least as much enjoyment as we had making it.

Grab our older tunes at detroitcydi.bandcamp.com rufiojones.bandcamp.com & stryfe.bandcamp.com

ask me for advice and i'll make a video about it: ILLingsAdvice@gmail.com
instagram: instagram.com/illingsworth
twitter: twitter.com/illingsworth
facebook: facebook.com/illingsworks
tumblr: illingsworth.tumblr.com
music: illingsworks.bandcamp.com & soundcloud.com/illingsworth
youtube: youtube.com/pimpinstein5


released December 25, 2014

Detroit CYDI is Sean Uppercut, Rufio Jones, ILLingsworth, & Stryfe (he's just one dude by himself most of the time but, he's with us on this. I mean he's essentially like a full member of Detroit CYDI, kind of like a Big Noyd. You know what I mean).

ILLingsworth made the beats and recorded everybody.
hit us up:
Stryfe twitter.com/StryfeD
Sean Uppercut twitter.com/SeanUppercut
Rufio Jones twitter.com/RufioJones
ILLingsworth twitter.com/ILLingsworth


all rights reserved



Illingsworth Detroit


stuff i make = music with @rufiojones @seanuppercut and @stryfeD, beats, raps, videos.
born & bred resident of Detroit.
smooth due to alopecia.

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Track Name: New Birth
This some new birth shit,
A stand up nigga on some Kanye concert shit.
No rehearse, grand slam off the first pitch.
Got em screamin Gotdamn in the churches.
Curses, it weren't for them meddlin'
Kids from the land of the never too benevolent.
Slangin dope on a Mongoose, niggas peddlin,
Higher than an extra terrestrial rollin X's on a zeppelin.
Well, the champs still here, you proly can tell,
If you was tryna trip us up, you proly'll fail,
You go against us, we proly prevail, give 'em hell,
They don't know what to do with the beats like Roger Goodell.
Hopin for the big fish, wishin 'em well,
Gave 20% to the snakes, tippin the scales.
Niggas want me to step away from diggin this trail,
But I got fire for 'em hotter than the kitchen in hell.
The CYDI comin out the box cold as Michigan mail.
Slangin' rounds like a Michelin sale,
You got something to say to me, it better be about making cheese or some business,
I don't wanna hear your interesting tales.
I got a big bat, swingin like 2 husbands switched snatch.
Leave you praying like a sinning Christian that done slid back.
Trying to build in a city that fits, flip that,
Tryna fit a whole CYDI in the building, dig that....


take the shovel out
clear the rubble out
it ain't a hole deep enough we couldn't hustle out

from the land that nobody gave a fuck about
and if you stuck around the mission's to shut you out

been starved and barred and been roughed up
scarred and been crushed
underfoot of the musclebound

ain't no solace where law enforcement gun you down
while your uncle and your mum and your son around

nope, they don't even wait until the sun is down
vilified before your body ever touch the ground

knees buckling, such is the suffering, much
is asked from those entrusted with the humble-crown

came in the game unannounced, no rubber now
so we living for the blurry image in the ultrasound

hard to choose a candidate when every one is foul
spidey senses got me buggin when a sucker smiles

Rufio Jones:
I'm riled up
Cause I got the attitude
Of a black Ebanezor Scrooge
Money pile up
With expensive tastes
Just don't get it misconstrued
It's just high time
That it's my time
Line for line
Rhymes like fine wine
Smart art
Intelligent design kinds
Gift from God, DiVinci Code
Decipher signs
It's so polar vortex in the D
Ain't nobody protecting the streets
So mind your business
And mind your businesses
No snitching
No kind of witnesses
We don't know what
Crime prevention is
Sign your life away
Poor penmanship
Plan on five to ten
For ignorance
Read between the
Lines of sentences

Sean Uppercut:
Track Name: Do Your Job

Please do your job and share this video. We meant that in the nicest way possible :).

To contact us:
Facebook: facebook.com/DetroitCYDI
Twitter: twitter.com/DetroitCYDI
Tumblr: detroitcydi.tumblr.com
Rufio Jones:

Shout out to my
Engineer Rick
Me and my niggas goin
Red #40 in this bitch
Yeah, get hype
We ain't got time
For relaxin
Lookin at my Rollie
Bout time for some action
Worked all week
Decompression sounds sweet
Now I'm dressed all chic
Bout time for distractions
We blowin up the stage
Like the Predator
We got all the pretty girls
Ears like a festival

Sean Uppercut:

Professional, exceptional, otherwise respectable
Aint nothin else that could rhyme with respectable
Sike naw, I found one....my vocab's plentiful
Why I been the best to do mesmerizing spectacles
Magic I conceive, they still can't believe
A fifty foot pimp, tricks up my sleeve
And everything I breathe's at least best threes y'all
pet peeves like pets peeing on fresh things

I don't wanna tell you how to do your job
But, watch us and we'll show you how to move a crowd

Doc ILLingsworth:

hundred yard stare, victory never escaping us
so here, take the blunt, oh wait holmes, it's angle dust

niggas raining bucks so that some stanky hoes can rake it up
and now them hoes fighting and the bouncer ain't go break it up

funny with the money call him mummy 'cause he paper'd up
twenty, twenty, twenty, now she tonguing on a labia

vodka nigga, drank it up
sock a nigga, thanks to us
coppers enter, taze you up
then drop you in a safety bus

Rufio Jones:

(It's too crunk)
Our parties get shut down
On the regular
The fire marshall
Has been called
To the vestibule
Noise pollute
We got this bitch
Packed out
Motherfuckas fin'ly gotta
Chance now
To act out
So act wild
Sweat your hair out
Pull them tracks out
If you had the opportunity
And backed out…
Bet you mad now
And how
God damn clown
Man wow
These girls they got they shirts north
And they skirts south


Sean Uppercut:

I stroll in jauntily, business suit and
Sanford and son theme as my entrance music
fireworks goin off, but they broken
Had to put out the flames so my jacket smokin
Hahaaaa, You in the dancerie, and had to glance a fee
But I'm an nerd got this lap dance for free
On dark knights I hang fools upside down
Rappin in a deep voice like "answer me answer me

Doc ILLingsworth:

drop em, from 2nd story
white em out, write em out
time em out, it's like they fighting the mic

so I gotta bring the Tyson out
the Michael Eric Dyson out

Happy Birthday
here's a cake, but there's ricin
in the icing now

he's sliding to the floor
and all the light inside his eyes be out
his chick straight 6 she tried to dime me out

this hole's too deep, no climbing out
no Folger's, we grind it out
lemme get crispy chicken wrap and sea salt fries
we out

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Go Fast
Rufio Jones:
Oh my God
I mean, OMG
Your attention span
Ain't what it's sposed to be
I abbreviate bullshit
And talk like I type
Spit like I'm on a pulpit
And write like Mike
So I gotta hurry up
Every millasecond counts
Act like it's a stick up
In then I'm out (wow)
Bounce. Shake. Dip.
Means you can either dance
Or you leave this bitch
Any laps in judgment
Run circles around 'em
Early bird gets the worm
And I found 'im
Nigga gotta problem wit it
Fuck whatever he think
I cop a damn attitude
Take me to the precinct
Heart cold
As the Red Wings rink
Throwin everything at niggas
Plus kitchen sinks
Can't hear, can't see
My evil's through speak
Need an attitude adjustment
My shit should be tweaked
I can do this all week
You do this all weak
My city, your feats
They both start with D
You'll start to see
Don't start with me
Always the quiet ones
You want no parts of me
Partially deranged
Marginally psycho
Read you the shit
And I bet it was a typo
I got niggas
From Joy Road to Brightmoor
Who'd like to get your
Punk ass stifled

i bet you'd rather pray for disaster than step into the face of the master of space and hereafter
Track Name: This One (Turn Your Radios Up)
Rufio Jones: I'm black as
The kettle and the pot
I'm straight at blackjack
But better at the slots
Cause it's always
A chance to advance
Ballin ass tan
And I dance like its ants in my pants
I'm not that
Flash in the pan kinda man
Might need to be banned
But my fans understand
Sands of the hour glass
These are the days of our lives
Three hundred 65 (that's right)
Now put your hands in the air
Psych, fuck all that shit
Midwest accent
She like the way I say her name
Drives her bat shit
My tongue, your passion fruit
Can I have it?
Oh my, the yes is implied
I'm hype our paths will collide
A deep breath inside is advised
Cause my dick is the only thing
Awoke as my pride
Track Name: Might Be The One (feat. Asante)
Rufio Jones:
Our blind date was on the 16th
Thank God she was shorter than me
I went to shake her hand
She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek
Man, I didn't know what to think
We were talking bout all type of things
Like movies, school and
In three years where she wanted to be
Our convo went smoothly
A flawless beauty
She touched my leg and said "Excuse me"
To go freshen up
And man, I saw that butt
Not sure if she was trying to woo me
But it worked
She was Macy's parading
In that miniskirt
I think she caught me
Cause she gave me a little smirk
I paid the tab then I hailed us a cab
That's when it really started raining bad
I walked her to her door
And this I couldn't believe
She said she didn't want me to leave
(I'm really thinking that…)
Track Name: Drop 5
Drop 5 where the bar at
Drop by where the mall at
Spend 5 hours in it like a mall rat
Drop 5, gimme all that

On the front tables
And the tall racks
I need like
All the black jeans and the fall jackets
Hatchet to
All my old clothes/I'm appalled that
I kept them this long which is wrong
Cause they all wack
So… hook me up
With a suit coat and a bow tie
Gotta be somewhere in an hour
And have no time to waste
I'm sorry I'm impatient
Please don't make me wait
Gimme the most expensive thread count
You got up in this place
Earrings… 10 grand
Everything framt
I look gorgeous/Feel good
Let me get this date
Medium rare 10 pound
Porterhouse steak
This girl likes clear liquor
Nothing that's opaque
Vodka tonics… Cosmos
She throwing them back
Empty glasses everywhere
Tip your bar back
Drunk words slurred
Can you take me home back?
She took me to the back room
Let me own that (Drop 5 nigga)

I want it all,
Brand new socks and draws.
hit the mall, bet I ball, no tears involved.
I got cake.
My hostess the most, its atrocious,
My dough is ferocious as a pitbull on coke is, nigga.
I got an iPhone 12.
It aint to make phone calls, bitch, its to sell.
Chick speak when spoken to, like Siri,
Her box so deep, its a conspiracy theory.
We under covers burning rubbers till her cherry is weary,
She got a bubble, Joe Budden wouldn't go near a Tahiry.
And she might be diggin for gold,
But fuck it, we grown,
We can spend this money together, what the fuck is alone? (HUNH??!?!)
I drop 5, ridin in a drop 6,
Speeding so fast, its hard to control like chopsticks.
And these haters don't wanna show love and pop shit,
Like an outfielder wit a hole in his glove, I drop hits...
Track Name: IDGAF
Nobody ever wants to give a fuck. Deep inside, you probably do give all kinds of fucks.
she wanna give me the
boom boom pow
but she looking like moo moo cow
don't get me wrong

I got love for the big girls
except for the ones looking like
big Shirley

early I be getting up
fixing up my gear hear me clear
I don't switch it up
solid color hoodies and my
gritty chucks

goodie goodie two shoes
she thinking I'm goodman
John, slash woodsman with good tan

god given, widely debated fact
like is Pac living
3rd floor of my complex, it's not hidden

good riddance to bad rubbish
your mom on my dick secretly
your dad love it, even though he drove
you mad from it

the wack plummet, I feel
dumber from listening to you
drunkards who spill hot blusterous swill

put a dollar on my favorite horse
breaking names taking shorts
made it sport
fuck the case, never show face in court

Rufio Jones:
I just wanna make love to my girl
But I end up fuckin other women
I really wish I didn't
Cuz my baby's so delicious
I know it seems weak
Hell, I have good intentions
But she got a mean streak
One that I just cannot deal with
Shit she gets downright vicious
Not to mention not inventive
Bring up different sex positions
Yet we always on a mission
I mean I do give a fuck but
I don't give a fuck
I be on that
Hashtag Rufio Shrug

I'm ridin round, so high off the ground,
No a Windsor Knot couldn't tie me down,
My money deep like movie plots.
Seen the streets, not moved a rock, but still rose.
Holy shit.
Shawty thick like steel toes.
Gotta kick like 66 yard field goals.
What a trip.
I remember back in the day.
Schemin like I'm cheatin, my Latina chick got heated when I beat that Asian.
Anna Mae.
She packed up like Sweet 'n Low.
Want what's mine? You need to go.
You gon have to take this middle finger tho, cuz I don't give a fuck....

Sean Uppercut:
I was supposed to rap
I was supposed to rap
I was supposed to rap
I was supposed to rap
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck about this rapping
Track Name: YOKHT KLUB
Rufio Jones:
Just in time
Like Justin Timberlake
Hundred MPH
On the interstate
But I made it
Way I hit Mach speed
Guess I might as well
Had been in a spaceship
Face it
I broke sound
And it's gonna need a splint
Should I slow down
No way/No how
Insulting low blows
And my sense of humor is low brow
Off the grid
Quid off the books
7 billion people
Too many cooks
Too many cooks
And that's spoiled broth
I'm too important
To take a loss
I'm tryina win/Tryin not to spin
High off speed and oxygen
No pot to piss in
Forgot to mention
I'm green with envy
Toxic avenging

She say I leave an impression like I was visiting her website.
Big cat wit a cougar in a Jaguar, S Type.
'08 model, Coca-Cola classic, can't beat the real thing, Fleshlight!
Talk rich, broke bad as a meth pipe.
But I'm on top of the Earth.
Meek enough to inherit the worth,
But got enough pride to divide the profits and not die without spending it first.
My nigga, WHODAT! said they gon get this cake?
Me. Make it rain like a Christmas deer.
She say, "Why Santa sack so big?"
Shit, you know that nigga only come once a year.
I take flight like about 5 cups of beer,
Until my liver looking like a 3 Musketeers.
At the YOKHT KLUB floating on Lake St. Clair.
About that bullshit, bu I'm too drunk to steer...
Track Name: Ain't Enough Money
Aint enough money in the continental US,
To make me tell a bold faced lie and say that you fresh,
I do this, all up in hell's kitchen, I'm the sous chef,
We serving up this full clip, and you can eat the buuullets,
It's plain as black and white, yall niggas sweet as Duplex,
Full of that Jumex,
Put squares in they place like Rubik's.
Come in the room stompin like an Ndamukong Suh step.
You prayin for our downfall like you blessed?
I think its funny, I ain't too vexed.
Even a Snicker's as satisfying as chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and nougat.
That true shit, so who next?
You rave and rant you hot, it aint the same clap.
Over-raided like the cops keep running in the same trap.
Now you just complain that you buzzing, but all of a sudden,
Popped up with a bunch of bloodsucking cousins, like Blade's aunt.
On Amazon, I'm deleting your songs out the cart,
If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I'd fart...

Rufio Jones:
I don't like you
I'm a hater
First time you heard the truth
I guess I'm an innovator
I'm wild/You're a human shit pile
If you're killed by a child I'd smile
May the odds be forever in your favor
okay that was rude
I'll admit it
I'm very hard pressed
To approve your decisions
Whenever I hear you on the radio
Or see you on a TV show
Really though I'm pretty sure
The dark lord has risen
You're a poison
You and your boys have
Destroyed my listening
It's noise and
My brain has chosen
To start envisioning
A better world without you in it
I felt a wave of calm
If only for a minute
I've embraced the fact of life
That I'm a cynic
I hope Kanye snatch your mic
And never let you finish
However I've forgiven
Your parents
For bringing you to term
When they should've terminated the sperm
(It's still not enough money, though)
Track Name: Cholula
So move the chains, skip my checkered past, King me.
Bling me till I'm full of ice, like a McDonald's sweet tea.
What, you think you Beyonce's sister's daughter, the B's neice
Please, dream big. More of a whiz than squeeze cheese.

Please, please
Everybody calm down
I'm here now
Try not to pass out
But if you got to
My security got you
Unless you hot enough
For me to give mouth to mouth to


Eject spirit from body, Madame Tussaud waxin me.
Close my eyes, lay back and actually, project astrally.
You fabricate a fallacy.
I construct calamity, these catatonic cats can't compete, its a catastrophe.
Thats me selling the 7 c's, hoping you buy a track from C
Y D I, and Stryfe D, thats the faculty.
Dastardly, we own the throne, cuz we rock, Casterly.
Out the blocks, we start wit big heart,
Attack massively.

I'm hotter than Aruba
I'm out here 4x
I'm bounding tall buildings
In a single leap
I'm burning through the bullshit
With my eye beams
I'm super/Here to save you
Except for Wendy Williams
I don't care bout how you doing
Thinking you can hold a candle
To the CYDI is a blooper
These losers see me squaring up
And fold like a Chalupa
Track Name: Make Them Feel Jealous
video: https://vimeo.com/72934037

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